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We are committed to providing our partners an industry leading customer experience and understand that this requires a flexible market offering.  Not only do we provide a wide range of steel sheet and coil used for different industries, but we also pride ourselves on developing customer specific supply packages delivering a level of service and support our competitors find difficult to provide. This means finding the right supply solution that best fits our partners needs.

Our Products

Steel Sheet and Coil


Size range 0.32 mm – 0.95 mm

Pre-painted sheet and coil manufactured to meet AS/NZS2728 specifications. Over 50 colours available in both G300 and G550 which will suit any Australian design application.



Size range 0.35 mm – 3.50 mm

Hot dipped galvanised steel for corrosion resistance. Available in G250, G450 and G550 with widths up to 1500mm. Commonly used in the air-conditioning and Building Products industries.



Size range 0.55 mm – 2.00 mm

A coating of zinc / iron alloy gives the steel its distinctive smooth grey surface with a complete absence of spangle appearance. The coating, which possesses good adherence to the steel base, provides a corrosion resistant surface produced for painting, with high quality finishes, without any additional surface treatment (except in severe external conditions).



Size range 0.55 mm – 1.95 mm

A zinc coating is applied which provides resistance to corrosion during storage and fabricating operations without oiling. Characteristics of cold rolled steel base qualities are retained with the added advantages of improved paint ability without the need for priming (except in exterior applications).


Cold rolled

Size range 0.35 mm – 3.00 mm

Steel sheet manufactured by Cold Reducing to produce a clean uniform surface or appearance. Cold Rolled product provides a tighter thickness tolerance, improved mechanical properties and a higher standard of flatness.



Size range 0.3mm – 1.50 mm

Aluminium – Zinc coated steel, which provides the unique aluminium corrosion and heat resistance qualities to increase barrier protection. Available in both G300 and G550 it is perfect for all Australian conditions.


Hot rolled

Size range 1.55 mm – 6.00 mm

Hot Rolled product is available in both pickled & oiled and dry surface finishes. As the steel is heated and rolled through a set of mill rolls to obtain the desired thickness, it is a very ductile product and hence easy to form.


Coil plate

Size range 2.00 mm – 32.00 mm

Coil plate manufactured to the HA250 and HA350 Standard is excellent for laser cutting. Generally used in the transport fabrication industries.

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