About the Project

Wye House

At the end of 2015, bushfires swept through Wye River destroying everything in its path. It was at this time that Architect Andrew Simpson received a call from a client he’d just completed a house for in inner Melbourne. ⁠

The client was asking Andrew to now turn his attention to imagining a replacement of their cherished coastal getaway, which apart from the concrete driveway had been reduced to Ashes. ⁠

With a clean slate and being conscious of the proximity to the sea, Andrew realized that MagnaFlow™ was the sensible choice to not only provide unmatched aesthetics but also ensure protection from corrosive environments and a bushfire prone area. ⁠

Location: Wye River, Victoria ⁠
Product: MagnaFlow™⁠
Colour: Monolith ⁠
Profile: Stramit Longspan⁠

Architect: Andrew Simpson Architects
Builder: Camson Homes
Supplied by: Stramit

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